Why I Chose to Study Software Engineering

It is a curious question, one that invokes plenty of critical thought though it was such a simple decision. Imagine this if you will; young man, late-night, falling further down the rabbit hole we call the internet. So much time wasted doing nothing but, It only took seconds for my browser to load a website that would completely change the direction of my life.

Before we begin, I need to add a bit of a back story for context. Don’t get me wrong I love computers, I built my own after all and, I have been known to go red-eyed trying to solve the simplest hardware issue with my computer but, I never thought of myself to be a tech person. I never thought I belonged to the community. Anyway, before I found “Flatiron” I was an English major and, not a very good one at that, something about the late-night workshops snobbishly tearing apart other people’s writing left me unmotivated. I did love writing I just always thought it lacked community and real collaboration. There was a common theme that always focused on the past and never what was happening now.

With all that being said and, going back to the “whole website changing the direction my life stuff”, my decision to be a software engineer was reflective of why I didn’t want to be an English Major. When I’m learning about programming, I feel like I’m moving forward focusing on the future, not the past it’s not as poetic as being a writer, but it feels relevant. I would like to take a sec and say I have nothing against writers, it’s just not my cup of tea. I decided to study software engineering, at least with Flat Iron, because it was tailored to everything I wanted, straight to the point, job readiness, and a community that I could relate to, let’s not forget that money-back guarantee. All of this won’t paint a sparkling image of why I made my decisions but why I will stick to it, I think what it does do is more important.




I love tackling new and exciting challenges and working with software because it’s consistently changing, which is exciting.

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Cameron J. Leverett

Cameron J. Leverett

I love tackling new and exciting challenges and working with software because it’s consistently changing, which is exciting.

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